The freedom to work from anywhere

All you need is a computer with an 8Mbps connection.

Access your creative tools, add new ones and instantaneously collaborate with artists around the globe from your home, studio or favorite coffee shop. No more buying and maintaining expensive equipment. No more transferring huge files back and forth. With StratusCore you're free to affordably create and collaborate with more people from where you want.

Work with the tools you want

Access workstation, unified storage, rendering and collaboration tools, all within the Virtual Studio

Customize your tools by adding existing 2D/3D creation licenses and/or purchase in the StratusCore marketplace (coming soon).

Virtual Workstation

Render Rocket

We support nearly 200 software and plug-ins

Work with whomever you want

Create local or global teams and manage permissions in minutes

Content stays in the cloud for immediate collaboration — no transferring of huge files

Ability to co-create in a single workstation coming soon!

A price point you can afford

Agile pricing to meet very specific needs

Single service and package options

Workstation by the hour, day, week, month

Coming Soon

Connect and Grow

Collaborate in an online community that connects creative talent with high-caliber projects


Build your business by tracking and monetizing your assets