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Bundles include render credits, Virtual Workstation hours and tier-1 storage.

Weekend Warrior
per month
$69 with Membership

25 Render Credits per month

20 hours of Virtual Workstation per month

50 GB of Storage

per month
$225 with Membership

50 Render Credits per month

80 hours of Virtual Workstation per month

250 GB of Storage

Full Time Artist
per month
$399 with Membership

100 Render Credits per month

160 hours of Virtual Workstation per month

500 GB of Storage

Available on Windows and Mac OS

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Get 20 render credits, 24 Virtual Workstation hours and 5GB storage to try for free, no payment method necessary.

Virtual Studio FAQ

How do I pay?

Payment by any major credit cards and eCheck (from a checking account) are accepted.

What is the difference between Bundle and À La Carte?

Bundles are subscription purchases that bundle together all of our services (Virtual Workstation + Render + Storage), giving you everything you need to get started. Bundled services are discounted from à la carte so you save money. Bundles renew monthly, making it easy to continue working without having to keep buying new services.

You have a set amount of storage that continues month-to-month and are given an amount of Render Credits and Virtual Workstation hours to use each month. Whatever you don't use of the Render Credits and Virtual Workstation hours, does not rollover to the next month.

À La Carte gives you the ability to choose which services, as well as how much of each service you'd like to purchase. Services purchased à la carte do not expire, so you may use them whenever.

How do I cancel or change my Bundle?

We are working on creating the Accounts Management section of the website but in the meantime, you may contact Artist Care for assistance at