Bundles include render credits, Virtual Workstation hours and tier-1 storage.

Weekend Warrior
per month
$69 with Membership

25 Render Credits per month

20 hours of Virtual Workstation per month

50 GB of Storage

per month
$225 with Membership

50 Render Credits per month

80 hours of Virtual Workstation per month

250 GB of Storage

Full Time Artist
per month
$399 with Membership

100 Render Credits per month

160 hours of Virtual Workstation per month

500 GB of Storage

Available on Windows and Mac OS

Enterprise? Talk to a representative to get even deeper discounts. Contact Sales
Education? View Educational Pricing

Render Rocket

Purchase a package to enjoy volume discounts on credits that never expire. Pay-As-You-Go bills for exact credits used.

Learn More about Render Rocket

Amount of Credits Price Membership Price Price Per Credit
Pay As You Go $0 up front $0 up front $.50 / $.40
410 credits $195 $156 $.48 / $.38
1100 credits $496 $397 $.45 / $.36
2370 credits $995 $796 $.42 / $.34
6570 credits $2,495 $1,996 $.38 / $.30
14275 credits $4,995 $3,996 $.35 / $.28

Are you a student or an educator? Get a rate of $0.20 per render credit with our Student/Education rate

Plus, free rendering storage with no cap. Free test renders, always.

Each credit gets you one core hour. Core hours represent the number of processor cores running per hour (e.g. a dual quad-core workstation (8 cores) running for 1 hour = 8 core hours).

Need help deciding on a package? The best way to find out how many core hours are needed for a job is to run a test render, (free with a StratusCore account), and multiply that average time by your total number of frames.

Virtual Workstation

Purchase time on your cloud-based Virtual Workstation. Hours never expire.

Learn More about Virtual Workstation

Amount of Time Price Membership Price
4 hours $14 $11
1 day
(8 hours)
$25 $20
1 week
(40 hours)
$110 $88
1 month
(160 hours)
$400 $320
1 year $3,840 $3,072

Virtual Workstation comes loaded with GiMP and Blender software, with the option to add your own software.

Available on Windows and Mac OS


High performance, Tier-1 storage for immediate access, collaboration and sharing.

Storage Amount Amount of Time Price Per Membership Price
100 GB 1 day $0.83 $0.66
100 GB 1 week $4.38 $3.50
100 GB 1 month $12.50 $10.00
500 GB 1 day $2.71 $2.17
500 GB 1 week $14.22 $11.38
500 GB 1 month $40.63 $32.50
1 TB 1 day $5.00 $4.00
1 TB 1 week $26.25 $21.00
1 TB 1 month $75.00 $60.00

Note: 1 day = 24 hours, 1 week = 168 hours, 1 month = 720 hours

StratusCore’s private Tier-1 high-speed storage is required when creating content on your high performance Virtual Workstation, and allows for immediate access, collaboration and sharing from virtually anywhere.

StratusCore also supports integration with local and other cloud-based storage services when premium performance is no longer required.

StratusCore Membership Benefits

Become a member for just $7 a month and get:

  • 20% discount on all purchases

    Discount applies to all products and services, excluding membership

  • Unlimited projects with unlimited project members

    Collaborate with as many people on as many projects as you want

  • More free storage

    Get 10 GB storage free, plus 6-month render storage

  • No Digital Escrow service fee

    Exchange assets and payment without paying the $10 service fee

  • Free or discounted invites to special training events

Frequently Asked Questions

General Pricing

How do I pay?

Payment by any major credit cards and eCheck (from a checking account) are accepted.

What is the difference between Bundle and À La Carte?

Bundles are subscription purchases that bundle together all of our services (Virtual Workstation + Render + Storage), giving you everything you need to get started. Bundled services are discounted from à la carte so you save money. Bundles renew monthly, making it easy to continue working without having to keep buying new services.

You have a set amount of storage that continues month-to-month and are given an amount of Render Credits and Virtual Workstation hours to use each month. Whatever you don't use of the Render Credits and Virtual Workstation hours, does not rollover to the next month.

À La Carte gives you the ability to choose which services, as well as how much of each service you'd like to purchase. Services purchased à la carte do not expire, so you may use them whenever.

How do I cancel or change my Bundle?

We are working on creating the Accounts Management section of the website but in the meantime, you may contact Artist Care for assistance at ArtistCare@stratuscore.com


What is a core hour?

Simply put, it is one processor core running for one hour. For example, if you have a dual quad-core workstation (8 cores) running for 1 hour, that would be 8 core hours. Ten 8-core servers running for 1 hour = 80 core hours.

How many core hours do I need for my job?

The best way to get an estimate is to run a few sample frames with our FREE Test Render feature and multiply that average time by your total number of frames.

Which software or plugins is Render Rocket compatible with?

We are compatible with nearly 200 software and plugins. View full list

Credit Adjustments

We will make account credit adjustments should you encounter an issue with your rendering project that is a result of a problem on our end. Should you encounter any problems, be sure and open a support ticket by emailing support@stratuscore.com.

All requests for adjustments must be made within seven (7) days of the transaction date. Requests that are submitted after seven (7) days will not be considered for credit adjustment. If you have a question about your account or a concern on a recent project please contact your account manager directly or send email to sales@stratuscore.com.

Refund Policy

Refunds We do not offer partial refunds on any pre-paid rendering packages, nor can we refund any un-used credits within a pre-paid rendering package. We do not offer refunds for customer related issues or mistakes such as and not limited to:

  • Incorrect settings
  • Underestimating rendering time
  • Not monitoring render job
  • Missing textures
  • Wrong frames, camera, layers selected
  • Incorrect resolution

Please, monitor your running renders for output and accuracy. Alert our support team immediately should you have a technical issue or concern — don't wait.

Virtual Workstation

What is a Virtual Workstation?

Virtual Workstation allows you to access Stratuscore’s graphic-intensive processing power in the cloud to use leading content creation tools — all you need is a computer with an 8Mbp/s internet connection. It is tied to our secure storage and cloud rendering giving you a seamless content creation experience.

Do I need to have a certain type of machine to use the Workstation?

As of now, you must have a computer (desktop or laptop), running Windows or Mac OS.

How do I add software to my Virtual Workstation?

You can add software once you are logged in on the Virtual Workstation page (which you can get to from your Dashboard). Some software requires that you add license or login credentials in order to use it in your Workstation.

Which software is currently available for use on the Workstation?

Gimp and Blender are included in your workstation for free but you have the option to add other software, so long as you provide log in credentials or license information.

Our current offerings include Maya 2016-2018 with many more to come.

How are Workstation hours kept track of?

The timer for Workstation hours begins counting down once your Workstation session key is downloaded, and ends once you've logged out of your Workstation session.


How will I be charged?

When you sign up for the StratusCore Membership Program, we automatically charge the credit card you provided $7 per month.

How do I change my payment method?

You can manage your account when logged in under account settings. This feature is currently being worked on, so for the time being, please contact Artist Care at ArtistCare@StratusCore.com

What happens if I cancel?

You can cancel your membership through your account at any time. At the end of your membership month, all bundles that were purchased will expire and all benefits of membership will be removed from your account.

Note: When cancelling, you must reduce your StratusCore usage to that of a non-member prior to your renewal date, or else your membership will renew. We do this so that you don't lose any of your projects or your items in storage, better to renew than to lose!